How to Prevent and Manage Eyestrain When Using a Computer


In today's technological world, most people find themselves working with computers or staring at a screen for a significant portion of the day. Whether it's an office computer, smartphone, or tablet, all these devices can increase the risk of suffering from eye strain. If you get a headache or find that your eyes are tired after staring at a screen, you may be suffering from eye strain. Eye strain can cause long-term effects on the eyes and persistent headaches that can affect your performance. Since these smart devices have become indispensable in today's world, they cannot be avoided entirely. However, you can take the following steps to promote eye health when using computers.

Adjust the background

A brightly colored background can prevent you from seeing text clearly, and this will cause your eyes to strain. The color together with the glare from the computer will be a recipe for disaster. Always try to adjust your background to a color that will make the text as visible as possible. For instance, a dark background will make white text more legible. For black text, you can use colors like white, grey, blue, and the like. Make sure that the color is not so bright as it will increase glare and affect the eyes.

Match the brightness to the room

Besides adjusting your background color, you also need to ensure that the screen's brightness matches the light in the room. When the two are varying, the eyes will struggle to see text on the monitor, and this will eventually lead to strain. If the room is bright, adjust the computer's brightness to the light in the room. Similarly, when working in a dark room, dim the screen's light to match the room. Failure to do this will irritate the eyes as they try to adjust to the varying lighting conditions in the room and the computer's screen.

Install an anti-glare screen

One of the primary reasons why screens hurt the eyes is because of the glares and reflections that are produced by the computer. Since it is not possible to get rid of glare on a computer screen, you can minimize it by installing an anti-glare or anti-reflective screen. This screen reduces the rays that are reflected from the monitor to your eyes and consequently prevents eye strain and dryness that results from the same. If you wish, you can also invest in glasses that come with an anti-glare lens and use them when working on the computer.

Finally, learn to take short breaks when using screens that can cause eye strain. Also, train yourself to blink regularly to protect the eyes from drying. Contact an optometrist if you experience persistent eye strain even after following these tips.


15 November 2017

Eye Health: What You Need to Know

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