Understanding the Difference between an Optometrist and Ophthalmologist


Many people use the name ophthalmologist and optometrist interchangeably. You may even be guilty of doing the same yourself. The reality is that few people can distinguish between the two. The one thing everyone knows is that both of these medical professionals provide eye care. The difference is in the level of training and expertise.  What Does an Optometrist Do? An optometrist will take care of the primary eye care functions.

24 September 2019

Reasons You Should Have Retinal Screening for Prescription Glasses


When you go to your optometrist for your prescription glasses, you know testing will happen. This testing usually consists of checking your current prescription against your current vision level. You may have a simple glaucoma test as well to rule out any issues. One test that may be mentioned is a retinal imaging screening. Here are the reasons you should have this test for your prescription glasses and how the test can affect your prescription.

23 April 2019