How Can Glasses Correct a Cross-Eyed Appearance?


There are some conditions that can be masked by putting something on. Baldness can be concealed by wearing a hat, but the underlying cause won't be affected. Conversely, some conditions can be managed by putting something on—namely a pair of glasses. This can be the case with some forms of esotropia, which is when the eyes are misaligned. Esotropia leads to one eye (or both eyes) turning inward, giving a person a cross-eyed look. However, it's not just a case of putting on a pair of reading glasses and hoping for the best.

Appearance and Vision

If you are affected by esotropia, the condition might be permanent, or it may seem to strike sporadically. In addition to the appearance of the eyes, vision can also be compromised, with double vision being fairly common. This is because light refraction occurs at different parts of the retina on each eye, due to the misalignment of one of the eyes. This creates a duplicate image or double vision.

See an Optometrist

Since the eye's relation to its subject seems to be misaligned, you might think that only corrective surgery will be able to manage the problem. In particularly pronounced cases of esotropia, surgery might ultimately prove to be the best option, but your first step should be to make an appointment with an optometrist.

An optometrist will assess your vision in order to determine the best lenses for your eyes. Your vision itself may not require the clarification offered by glasses; however, glasses can be suitable management for this esotropia due to the way in which the glass can refract light. Prism glasses are typically used.

Light Refraction

Prism glasses essentially manipulate the way in which light refracts, which in turn changes the way that your vision processes images. Your optometrist is basically tricking your problematic eye, causing it to process images in the same manner as your stronger eye. This ultimately trains the misaligned eye to reposition itself into alignment with the stronger eye, removing any cross-eyed appearance, while also correcting any vision issues. It's about the lenses themselves as opposed to the framework of the glasses, meaning that contact lenses can also be a suitable management strategy. 

Some people might experience particularly pronounced esotropia that no amount of light manipulation will correct, and for these people, surgical intervention might be the only way forward. However, those with minor to moderate esotropia might find that a new pair of glasses or contact lenses is all they need. Visit an optometrist to learn more. 


31 August 2021

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