Protect Your Eyes This Summer With These Simple Tips


Summer is here, and everyone is excited about the holidays. There are so many fun outdoor activities to engage in such as road trips, family barbeques, beach sports, and swimming. As you come up with exciting ways to spend time with friends, family, and loved ones, you should also take care to protect your eyes as well. Between the hot summer sun and the numerous outdoor activities, the eyes are bound to suffer exposure to contaminants. However, you can still enjoy the summer while protecting your eyes by following the following simple tips.

Invest in protective glasses

Everyone probably owns a pair or more of sunglasses for use during the summer. However, are the glasses specially made to protect your eyes from UV radiation (UVR)? The same way you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays is how you should also protect your eyes from the same. Not all sunglasses are designed with the UVR protection feature. When investing in a pair for use during the summer, make sure that they offer 100 percent protection against ultraviolet radiation. This should be indicated somewhere on the glasses or in the packaging.

Use hats when stepping out

Sunglasses do not offer 100 percent protection from the sun as they have gaps along the sides. These spaces can allow ultraviolet rays to penetrate and hurt your eyes. However, you can use hats to offer sufficient protection to your eyes and head as you step out. Make sure that the cap has a wide brim that will cover your eyes as well. This should be approximately 3 or more inches wide. Besides protecting your eyes, the hat will also protect your head from direct UV radiation.

Wear PPE during outdoor games and activities

Summer is characterized by a buzz of outdoor sports and other activities. Games include football, bike riding, hiking, and even swimming. You may also engage in other activities such as yard work, tree and bush trimming, woodworking, and others. During these activities, it is very easy to hurt your eyes and suffer a long-term injury. Protect your eyes by investing in personal protective equipment such as goggles, glasses, and protective masks. Do not engage in any activity that can potentially hurt your eyes without using the right protective gear.

Don't rub your eyes

During the summer, there are numerous contaminants in the air and environment. As a result, your hands may come into contact with these pollutants. If you rub or touch your eyes, you can transfer the contaminants to the eyes and cause irritation and pain. Try as much as possible to keep your hands away from the eyes.

Visit an eye doctor if you suffer any pain or eye irritation. Also, they can give you eye drops that will protect the eyes and prevent drying which is common during the summer.


20 November 2017

Eye Health: What You Need to Know

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